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Due to rising airline costs and cut flights, shipping to your area may be higher.

We will do all we can to get you the most cost efficient shipping that is the safest and most comfortable for the puppy.



Shipping is extremely easy. You pick the airport closest to you, that services a major carrier such as Delta or American Airlines, and I make all of the arrangements. I will let you know the time and place of pickup, nothing could be easier.  Shipping costs vary, please contact for costs to your area.  Shipping by air includes a travel crate, and a supply of the puppy's food taped to the back of the crate. I ship on Tuesdays and Saturdays by air, and Mondays, if shipping by bus. 

Flying  is the fastest and lest stressful form of delivery, in my opinion. However, in the summer months it is sometimes difficult to get a flight, depending on where you live. We need 2 choices of airport and you may have to pick up in the night to beat the heat.

I am always willing to meet someone at the airport, closest to me,  if they prefer to fly here to pick up their puppy and carry it back on the plane with them.  I charge a $75 gas charge for this service.   The puppy does not come with a crate in this instance.

For Alaska, we are able to get the puppies to Seattle during the winter, but you have to meet them there and carry them to Alaska on the plane with you.  During the summer, flights to Alaska can also be restricted, but we will do the best we can for you.   Shipping to Alaska is restricted to Anchorage, the cost is $375-400. 

At this time, we will not ship to Canada.  It is just too difficult and expensive to get flights. 

During the summer months, shipping is restricted in some of the hotter states, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and Nevada to the west, and also some of the southern states.    Also, the shorter nosed breeds like the Bostons are difficult to ship in hotter weather.

In these instances I ship with a transport company that has outfitted buses to carry pets in a climate controlled area. They have set routes and you meet them somewhere along that route, as it comes closest to you (usually off an interstate). This is not a door to door service and you may have to meet them up to 80 miles away.   There is a technician on board to see to the needs of your puppy. Your puppy will not come with a crate,  and will be traveling with other puppies.   It usually takes a day or two, depending on where you live, for delivery. The cost for this shipping is $250.00-$300 for 1 puppy .  Your puppy will still come with a health certificate, microchip and all of his paperwork.  This is the surest form of delivery during the summer months. Being in a climate controlled area there are none of the heat embargos that the airlines face.   However, their delivery area is very limited, so we will have to check and see if they come close to your area.

 And as always, you are more than welcome to come and pick up your puppy.  If I meet you or you pick your puppy up the crate is not included.  We do have crates available for you to purchase if you need one.