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K-Jac's Kennel , Where the "paws"abilities are endless!!

Welcomes you!!!

Welcome to K-Jac's Kennel!! My name is Kara Crass and I am excited to have the opportunity to bring you together with a new and loving member of the family. I have been in the business for 25 years and have worked hard to improve every year.  I live in Southwest Missouri in the beautiful Ozarks.  With much work and love I feel that I have healthy happy puppies for you to pick from. 
I am dual registered with the USDA and the MO dept of Agriculture and Members of the Missouri Pet Breeders Association.

Big News at K-Jac's Kennel:  One of our puppies, Bentley, is getting ready for his big television debut.  On October 22nd, please tune in to BBC America and watch Bentley on Dirk Gentley's Holistic Detective Agency.  Bentley is now owned by Mike and Chandler and they have done a fantastic job!  Check out the trailer by clicking the link below.

Dirk Gentley trailer









  • Wagging Tails
  • Sloppy Kisses
  • Wet Noses
  • Big Brown Eyes
  • Unconditional love to last a lifetime




You can follow Bentley on twitter at poorcorgiactor

Please support the American Cancer Society. Go to Cancer.org for information, donations or support.

Also, The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation:



 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!!

 Support Breast Cancer research and the Susan G. Komen foundation.  Fight for the Cure!!!



Ever have one of those days!?!?

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